Ok so after my last ever so slightly disappointing trip to Paradise - which was still amazing just let down by a few very minor details, they invited me back for a second chance. Yes there is a theme this week, maybe it's something to do with the Jewish new year and second chances! I... Continue Reading →


Paradise has been on my places to go list for a LONG time now. Each Sunday I plan on going and something gets in my way, this Sunday, nothing was stopping me (not even the cheese board and pregnant cookies covered in Nutella that I consumed at my brothers birthday party). I've been searching for... Continue Reading →


Those of you that know me will know I don't take birthdays lightly. They usually last a good week or so and they always involve a LOT of food. This year was no exception. I spent the week split between London and Birmingham and basically spent my time sampling what both cities had to offer.... Continue Reading →

The ultimate roast: The Cricketers.

I've spent a lot of time searching the country for the ultimate roast dinner. This isn't something I take lightly and is obviously something that can only happen on a Sunday. Roast dinners have to be perfect and I didn't know how long this search would take. Then one Sunday in October something magical happened... Continue Reading →

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