Ok so after my last ever so slightly disappointing trip to Paradise - which was still amazing just let down by a few very minor details, they invited me back for a second chance. Yes there is a theme this week, maybe it's something to do with the Jewish new year and second chances! I... Continue Reading →


Those of you that know me will know I don't take birthdays lightly. They usually last a good week or so and they always involve a LOT of food. This year was no exception. I spent the week split between London and Birmingham and basically spent my time sampling what both cities had to offer.... Continue Reading →

The Arkley.

Yesterday I went for lunch at a pub/restaurant called The Arkley,┬áIt's relatively local to me but I've not been before. I enjoyed my meal and the place was really nicely decorated but they insisted on keeping the doors open when it was below zero temperatures outside and the waitress didn't really know her arse from... Continue Reading →

The ultimate roast: The Cricketers.

I've spent a lot of time searching the country for the ultimate roast dinner. This isn't something I take lightly and is obviously something that can only happen on a Sunday. Roast dinners have to be perfect and I didn't know how long this search would take. Then one Sunday in October something magical happened... Continue Reading →

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