Soho House can't do anything wrong. Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop, Pizza East and now The Soho Diner. The Electric Diner was on my list for ages but then this opened up not too far from work and I've been gagging to try it ever since. The staff are divine, they went out of their way... Continue Reading →


Now this is a little off topic from my usual blog posts but this week I got to go and see The Bling Ring at The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch. The cinema is part of The Soho House group and is of course, painfully trendy and hipster. But in a good way. It was without... Continue Reading →


Move over Nando's you've got some serious bloody competition when it comes to Chicken Shop. Only a stones throw away from Pizza East and Dirty Burger in Kentish Town - all part of the Soho House brand, this place really knows how to cook a chicken. And I mean, REALLY knows. It's puts Nando's to... Continue Reading →


Dirty Burger certainly lives up to it's name because I can tell you now I've never felt so filthy in all my life. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but I can feel the grease seeping through my pores. I was ever so slightly disappointed when I walked in, after walking round Pizza East looking confused we... Continue Reading →

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