Tonight I experienced The Ship Tavern in Holborn and can safely say it's a front runner for best pub grub I've ever had. They call themselves Holborn's best kept secret and I definitely agree. I'm not sure why they needed to invite me along because they're certainly not short of customers but they did and... Continue Reading →


There's not really much that needs to be said in this post. Other than the fact that La Di Da Sweet Treats have succeeded in creating the worlds most wonderful thing.  The Chocolate Covered Cookie: A whole Oreo submerged in chocolate and chilled. Available to buy from the bakery counter at Selfridges as of today... Continue Reading →


I’ve been back a while now and it’s taken me a fair bit of time to get round to doing this post but the memory of my holiday is still very fresh in my mind. I was lucky enough to visit Tel Aviv (for the first time since I was 16) last month for a... Continue Reading →


There are few things in this world that excite me more than a festive feast and tonight I got to gorge on all things Christmas with BRGR.CO's afternoon tea. This is a seasonal special so if it tickles your fancy you're going to have to get down there pretty snappy before it's long gone. On... Continue Reading →


After visiting Chuck for the first time and not loving it as much as I wanted to, they invited me back to try the bacon cheeseburger in all it's glory and give them a second chance. So I chose the holiest of all Jewish days, a day in which I'm not supposed to eat a... Continue Reading →


    People have been banging on about Chuck for ages and considering It's only 5 minutes away from me It's a bloody joke that It's taken me this long to venture down there. The menu is good, for a little place in Hatch End you can't really complain about what they have to offer,... Continue Reading →

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