I went to Amsterdam over New Years with my galdem for some NYE14 fun. We ate a LOT. Here are some of the things we did and all of the things we ate. We ate lots. (And lots and lots and lots). The breakfast in the above images was without a doubt my greatest Amsterdam... Continue Reading →


Last night I went for a meal with someone who is far more creative and literate than I could ever be so after not much persuasion at all he has written guest blog post about our meal. Please all be upstanding for the one and only, Jack Shearring... "As I was leaving work tonight a... Continue Reading →


I can't say I've ever been overly enthusiastic about visiting a Spaghetti House restaurant, I've only ever really seen them in very touristy areas and you never really hear much about them. I think the idea of it being a chain restaurant has always put me off, I'm often told that when it comes to... Continue Reading →


I've wanted to go to Duck and Waffle for god knows how long and last night I finally got my chance. When I started this blog my Mum offered to take me somewhere that I couldn't afford so I could sample the finer things in life and make you all jealous. Initially I chose The... Continue Reading →

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