Let's discuss a meal that got a lot of attention on social media a couple of weeks ago and even more in the office the next day. It's not often I feast on lobster of a Tuesday evening but Belgo's 25th birthday celebrations were calling and it had to be done. I'm usually loyal to... Continue Reading →


If you'd asked me 48 hours ago what I 'don't eat', the two things I'd have said would be mussels and bananas. If you asked me now I'd be lying if I said the same. I was invited to the launch of Belgo's newest venue in Soho for an evening of moul├Ęs and beer and... Continue Reading →


If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll know I'm really not one to write a negative review and most of the time I'm easily pleased when it comes to food. I really wanted to like this place and I had high hopes considering my current obsession with lobster rolls but I've just... Continue Reading →


Last night was the launch event for a new Lobster Roll Deli just off Bond Street. Cleverly named Smack, is serving up the best lobster rolls you've ever tasted with some extra special things on the side. The wine, beer and prosecco is on tap and the restaurant itself is unbelievable. It's stripped back, minimal... Continue Reading →


Bobs & co have just opened their pop up in The Rising Sun pub at St Paul's. With a tag line of 'the van is coming' and free foam claws for anyone confident enough to grab them this place is a winner if you're looking for the best lobster rolls in London. I'd heard about... Continue Reading →


I know Burger & Lobster is well and truly 'done' and that 'everybody's already been' but up until tonight, I hadn't. I've wanted to go for a long, long time but it's just never happened. After about an hour the wait was over (still got enough hype to form queues so can't be that 'done')... Continue Reading →


If you're not fond of eating off a plate and you like a varied menu then you need to go to Slabs. Slabs is a newly opened gastronomic delight on New Cavendish Street. With the surrounding areas making you feel like you've stepped into Made in Chelsea (without actually having to venture into Chelsea) and... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, partly because I haven't been anywhere new recently, partly because the new places I have visited haven't been anything to write home about and partly because I've been lazy. But I've spent the last 48 hours or so up north, Manchester specifically, celebrating my boyfriends... Continue Reading →


There's a Miller and Carter steakhouse LITERALLY a 2 minute drive from my house and It's taken up until last night for me to visit. They had a refurb a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to go check it out ever since. My friends have nothing but good things to say about... Continue Reading →

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