I got to Winter Wonderland for 3 reasons: 1. I love Christmas 2. I love rides 3. THE FOOD. All of the food. I'll be visiting again very soon to consume everything again (and all the things I couldn't manage yesterday) but here are some suggestions for when you take a trip to London's most... Continue Reading →


A Christmas menu doesn't have to involve brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce to be festive, sometimes a few seasonal ingredients and some unusual combinations will do the trick. If you're not into bacon and stuffing on everything from mid November basically up until the end of December (like me) then Busaba Eathai's Bangkok Christmas menu... Continue Reading →


I was amongst the millions of people who visited Winter Wonderland this Christmas and had a bloody great time. Unfortunately it's closed now so I won't bother going into much detail. It was pretty brilliant though.


So I know I promised you that part 2 of my Festive Feasting post would be another review of the best Christmas sandwiches on the market but it all got a little out of hand in December. Below is a selection of turkey based treats that I ate throughout the festive period - including my... Continue Reading →


Today was the day that I finally got round to sitting in bed eating Christmas sandwiches. It's been a while since I decided that I was going to take my obsession to the next level and do an extremely serious review of the best thing that's come out of christmas since brie and cranberry filo... Continue Reading →


I know I'm so late on this one and I should have posted this a good 3 weeks ago but seeing as though I've gotten into the habit of posting pre January deliciousness, why not show you my Christmas dinners. Plural. No explanation needed just a bunch of Turkey dinners and Boxing Day sandwiches. Enjoy.


There are few things in this world that excite me more than a festive feast and tonight I got to gorge on all things Christmas with BRGR.CO's afternoon tea. This is a seasonal special so if it tickles your fancy you're going to have to get down there pretty snappy before it's long gone. On... Continue Reading →

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