If you'd asked me 48 hours ago what I 'don't eat', the two things I'd have said would be mussels and bananas. If you asked me now I'd be lying if I said the same. I was invited to the launch of Belgo's newest venue in Soho for an evening of moul├Ęs and beer and... Continue Reading →


Paradise has been on my places to go list for a LONG time now. Each Sunday I plan on going and something gets in my way, this Sunday, nothing was stopping me (not even the cheese board and pregnant cookies covered in Nutella that I consumed at my brothers birthday party). I've been searching for... Continue Reading →


Five Guys: the holy grail of good quality fast food burger establishments, has come to London and tonight I took my brother for a pre birthday treat. It fucking delivered. My fingers currently smell like onions and I can still taste the peach sprite zero on my lips but I'm happy. It's like being in... Continue Reading →


If you're not fond of eating off a plate and you like a varied menu then you need to go to Slabs. Slabs is a newly opened gastronomic delight on New Cavendish Street. With the surrounding areas making you feel like you've stepped into Made in Chelsea (without actually having to venture into Chelsea) and... Continue Reading →

Chaophraya, Birmingham.

My actual birthday diner deserves a post all of its own. The lovely people at Chaophraya, Birmingham invited me in to review the restaurant for my blog. I don't get to eat Thai food a lot, my boyfriend is a fussy eater and it doesn't tend to be high on his list of preferences. We've... Continue Reading →


Those of you that know me will know I don't take birthdays lightly. They usually last a good week or so and they always involve a LOT of food. This year was no exception. I spent the week split between London and Birmingham and basically spent my time sampling what both cities had to offer.... Continue Reading →


I've wanted to go to Duck and Waffle for god knows how long and last night I finally got my chance. When I started this blog my Mum offered to take me somewhere that I couldn't afford so I could sample the finer things in life and make you all jealous. Initially I chose The... Continue Reading →

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