The Diner. You all know it. They were one of the first American style restaurants to serve up classic USA inspired guilty pleasures and although chilli cheese fries and hard shakes have served them well over the years they've gone and got themselves a new menu.  After months of research stateside The Diner is back... Continue Reading →


Some of you may remember my first ever blog post where I went on and on about Chooks in Muswell Hill. That place is still up there on my list of favourites and without a doubt the best buttermilk fried chicken I've ever had. The people who own Chooks also have a place called Monkey... Continue Reading →


Chuck has become a regular Saturday treat for my group of friends over the last few months but every time I try something new I feel like it deserves a blog post. This will be my third Chuck post and my 4th or 5th Chuck visit (losing count) which is a big deal to me... Continue Reading →


Soho House can't do anything wrong. Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop, Pizza East and now The Soho Diner. The Electric Diner was on my list for ages but then this opened up not too far from work and I've been gagging to try it ever since. The staff are divine, they went out of their way... Continue Reading →


    People have been banging on about Chuck for ages and considering It's only 5 minutes away from me It's a bloody joke that It's taken me this long to venture down there. The menu is good, for a little place in Hatch End you can't really complain about what they have to offer,... Continue Reading →


I didn't know that Jamie Oliver's Diner was dinosaur themed. I had no idea in fact, but somehow ended up there with the 3 people I associate closest with dinosaurs. If that's not a coincidence then I don't know what is. On first impressions of walking into the Piccadilly Circus pop-up I felt like I... Continue Reading →

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