Scarlet's in Covent Garden has a brunch menu that will make you dribble. I headed down yesterday to kick off my favourite persons birthday celebrations and feasted on avocado toast, runny poached eggs and crispy bacon; all washed down with Bloody Mary's and Bellini's. The place is fairly new and slap bang in the middle... Continue Reading →


When you get an invitation that mentions cow print sofas, #Selfie cocktails & Happy Meals it's pretty much a given you're going to have fun. Tonight I got to sample Foundation bars new menu and experienced some of the quirkiest cocktails I've ever come across. I've been to Foundation a couple of times before, a... Continue Reading →


For my 100th blog post I've decided to review my favourite restaurant in London. I went back in April for my birthday but never got round to doing a post. Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden is at the very top of my list of restaurant recommendations and I think it's going to take something pretty... Continue Reading →


I'm not exactly hard to please when it comes to food, in all honesty I pretty much love everything. I more or less get just as excited about an aeroplane meal as I do about going out for dinner. In my opinion food is food and if I get to eat then I'm excited but... Continue Reading →


Five Guys: the holy grail of good quality fast food burger establishments, has come to London and tonight I took my brother for a pre birthday treat. It fucking delivered. My fingers currently smell like onions and I can still taste the peach sprite zero on my lips but I'm happy. It's like being in... Continue Reading →


So Shake Shack opened up in London last week and I managed to get myself onto the all exclusive launch party guest list. You can imagine my excitement when I walked through the white picket fence in Covent Garden market to be welcomed by trays and trays of burgers, cheesy chips, ice cream, milkshakes and... Continue Reading →

Really average Jew food.

Now it's not like me to write a bad review, partly because I'm pretty easily pleased and partly because I only tend to eat at places people recommend to me, but sometimes something goes wrong and it has to be done. I've wanted to go to mishkins for ages now, I saw a picture of... Continue Reading →

Meat Market.

I cannot keep up with the amount of burger places around these days. Once I've sampled Honest Burger, Dirty Burger, Patty & Bun and Meat Mission I'll have a better understanding of whether Meat Market is actually 'The Best Burger In Town' but until then, I'm gonna go with yes. I've been twice in one week,... Continue Reading →

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