I ate some nice non festive food in December too. You're not going to get much to look at on here throughout January so please can you all take a moment to appreciate this. Smashed avocado & cream cheese on toast with runny egg, lime & coriander. The secret to my runny eggs is to... Continue Reading →


Chuck has become a regular Saturday treat for my group of friends over the last few months but every time I try something new I feel like it deserves a blog post. This will be my third Chuck post and my 4th or 5th Chuck visit (losing count) which is a big deal to me... Continue Reading →


On a (kind of) last minute whim I got the opportunity to go to Secret Garden Party on Saturday. I've never had the pleasure of going before but I'm pretty sure ill go again because it was without a doubt one of the greatest festivals I've ever been to. If it wasn't for the torrential... Continue Reading →


Last week I discovered the most perfect new product. Yoosli are an online company that allow you to create your own cereal via their website and then they send it to you in pretty packaging for not much more than you'd pay for a box of Lucky Charms. It doesn't even need to cost that... Continue Reading →


Last night saw the beginning of my Bubbledogs obsession. Seriously, why the hell has it taken me SO long to go. I hadn't heard that much about it other than it does hot dogs and champagne and it's cool. The stuff I had heard was mediocre and that certainly does not describe what is it.... Continue Reading →


So I took the boyfriend to Bristol this weekend to see Oliver as part of his Christmas present. There was no snow to be seen and for the first time in what seemed like forever, my fingers didn't feel like they were going to drop off. The whole trip was a dream and other than... Continue Reading →

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