I'm not exactly hard to please when it comes to food, in all honesty I pretty much love everything. I more or less get just as excited about an aeroplane meal as I do about going out for dinner. In my opinion food is food and if I get to eat then I'm excited but... Continue Reading →


It's safe to say it's been a good week for sushi. Lucky for me it's all been free. This wonderful platter of heaven was delivered for our lunch meeting with Feng Sushi on Friday afternoon. They're London's biggest and bestest sushi delivery company and they want to work with us. For me that means sushi... Continue Reading →


Chop and Wok used to be a firm favourite of mine on a hungover brummy morning and now it's moved to London. It's cleaned up it's act and it had a little bit of a make-over but it's still just as good. Luckily for me it's directly behind work and they do sushi. Really, really... Continue Reading →


My mother is one very special woman. Those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting her will know what I mean. Those that haven't, I don't even have the words to sum her up. Last Thursday we celebrated the anniversary of her 20 years in the events industry. The lovely people at Sumosan... Continue Reading →

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