Flat Iron has had a fair bit of air time on my blog and social channels but that isn't going to stop me from telling you all about their newest venture, the biggest of all 3 restaurants, Flat Iron Covent Garden. Officially opening on Thursday but soft launching today through to Wednesday, this is going... Continue Reading →


Just before Christmas I spent a week pretty much eating out every night. Somehow, in the middle of all the shopping, getting drunk and being hungover I got so carried with it all that I never actually managed to write up the reviews. Obviously now it's been a good month since the food entered my... Continue Reading →


I'm finding it hard to put into words how absolutely perfect my dinner was last night. Flat Iron in Soho has completely rekindled my love for steak and I can't imagine why anybody (other than a vegetarian) wouldn't fall in love with the place like I have. As with most places in Soho these days... Continue Reading →

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