Pizza parties are the best kind of parties. Especially when the pizza is pure piping hot doughy perfection and the Prosecco is flowing. Last night saw the opening of Firezza's first proper restaurant. With a killer location on Dean Street, this is going to change the game for pizza lovers in London.  Creamy buffala mozzarella,... Continue Reading →


There are so many restaurants in London that I try my best not to revisit a place more than once. There are of course exceptions. Places that become my favourite and deserve numerous trips back in an attempt to taste the whole menu. Places that become regulars with certain friends and places that become special... Continue Reading →


Pizza is starting to replace burgers in my life and London is doing a really great job at satisfying my need right now. Homeslice has recently opened their second branch on Wells Street and they're absolute smashing the pizza game like a boss. The topping combinations are what dreams are made of and the base... Continue Reading →


On Thursday night I had the most fun I've ever had at a blogging event. The lovely people at Strada invited me and some like minded female food bloggers down to their More Riverside London restaurant to sample the new menu and learn a trick of two about how to make pizza. We tasted a... Continue Reading →


When you get an invitation that mentions cow print sofas, #Selfie cocktails & Happy Meals it's pretty much a given you're going to have fun. Tonight I got to sample Foundation bars new menu and experienced some of the quirkiest cocktails I've ever come across. I've been to Foundation a couple of times before, a... Continue Reading →


So I finally got myself down to Pizza Pilgrims after managing to resist it for a very long time. I've kind of been meaning to go ever since it opened whilst also trying to avoid it at the same time. I always feel guilty after pizza because it never lives up to my expectations (Voodoo... Continue Reading →


Last weekend was the launch of London's best ever popup Night Tales . You may remember me ranting on about how amazing it was last year and I'm going to rant on about it again right now. They have quite literally pulled out ALL the stops this time round and managed to secure each and... Continue Reading →


Last night I went for a meal with someone who is far more creative and literate than I could ever be so after not much persuasion at all he has written guest blog post about our meal. Please all be upstanding for the one and only, Jack Shearring... "As I was leaving work tonight a... Continue Reading →

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