Bibigo is a cute little healthy Korean restaurant in soho. I had the pleasure of dining there for a lunch meeting last week. I'd heard great things about it from the person we were meeting with and rightly so because it was brilliant. They have a £9 lunch menu that would satisfy any hungry persons... Continue Reading →


Chop and Wok used to be a firm favourite of mine on a hungover brummy morning and now it's moved to London. It's cleaned up it's act and it had a little bit of a make-over but it's still just as good. Luckily for me it's directly behind work and they do sushi. Really, really... Continue Reading →


Every so often I do dinner with 3 very special people. Last time we did Jamie Oliver's Diner and this time we did Banana Tree. This wasn't my choice and it was mainly suggested because we had Taste cards, plus it catered for the vegan of the group. I'm glad we went though because not... Continue Reading →

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