Let's discuss a meal that got a lot of attention on social media a couple of weeks ago and even more in the office the next day.

It's not often I feast on lobster of a Tuesday evening but Belgo's 25th birthday celebrations were calling and it had to be done. I'm usually loyal to the moules frites when dining at Belgo but this visit had something far more exciting up its sleeve…

Lobsterfest And Friends has been going strong for 12 years now and its truly a menu worth dining out on this summer. I'd recommend going all out with the Seafood Platter because it's AMAZING and why do things by halves? Available u til the 28th August, you've got just over 2 weeks to get your hands on this dream of a menu so don't fuck about.

We started the meal in the best way possible. Big, juicy, thick, sweet, crunchy pickled cucumbers. Probably the best I've eaten and I've had a hell of a lot of pickles in my lifetime.

Main course was well and truly a feast. Half lobster, half West Country crab, mussels & king prawns (in a dreamy chilli & garlic butter), beer battered fish goujons, grilled red mullet, the most sensational lobster bisque, fries and a great little bread selection. Literally ALL of the things and ALL of the yums. All of this feeds 2 very hungry humans for just £49.95 – bargain.

Highlights for me were the fries and bread dipped in the bisque and mussel juice. Just trust me.

I ended my meal with a decaf cappuccino because I've somehow been off sweet treats for a whopping 6 weeks now but my guest absolutely devoured the Monsieur Noir Crepe, AKA Chantilly cream, Belgian Chocolate ice cream, raspberries, white chocolate sauce and white chocolate curls.

I watched on in envy and amazement because how she fitted that in after all that we ate was truly an achievement. Get it girl.

I'm always banging on about a Belgo and how it's one of the only chain restaurants I'll happily go back to time and time again but this menu, this particular meal and the Soho branch are all my absolute favourites. Good times all round.

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