And so it continues, my trip to LA may have been 5 months ago but I’ve still got some gems to share with you… 

BBC Cafe on Sunset AKA the Butcher, the Baker & the Cappuccino Maker amazing. LA settings, great food and even greater coffee. Perfect for brunch / lunch. Just up the road from Wildfox. Win. 

Pump Lisa Van Der Pumps big gay restaurant. Uber tacky but also pretty brilliant. Sit under the fairy lit tree covered in mardi gras beads and order the rock Shrimp. Probs best to book. Go to Mickeys across the road after for go go dancing sex gods. Find the Mexican one with tattoos (named Angel) and tell him I love him. 

The Butchers Daughter LA is full of amazing vegetarian restaurants but this one is up there with the best. Go here for avo toast and freshly squeezed juice. Expect to queue. Enjoy everything about the place, especially the gold marble tables and the Sexy Rosè. Walk in only. 

Salt Air Abbot Kinney is full of amazing places to eat but this place won my heart. Beachy seaside vibes on the best street in the world. I’d give anything to be back in this heavenly restaurant. Anything. Unbelievable food, perfect blush rosè, wonderful service and the best setting on earth. Salt air in your hair is a feeling I never want to forget. Must book. 

The Standard Hollywood. Where the sandwiches are far from standard. Just look at it. Pool side vibes unlike any other. 

Egg Slut The best egg sandwich of your life – Believe the hype. Trust me. This place is well worth the line. Go to the one in Venice and enjoy the most sensational breakfast you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Walk in only. 

Animal Be prepared for some serious meat sweats, this menu is for carnivores only. That being said, the avo toast is killer. It’s not fancy, expect no thrills – It’s basic but you’ll barely notice. Everyone at Animal is young, cool and good looking and the staff all clearly love their job. LA vibes allllll day. Best to book. 

Malibu Farm Sensational beach side cafe and restaurant on Malibu Pier. Have the cauliflower Crust pizza. Trust me. Walk in only. 

Ysabel Pretentious AF but gorgeous restaurant with clubby bar vibes. Very good food. Expensive. Must book. 

Urth Caffe Just as much of an institution as In N Out but far, far healthier. Order the Tostada salad. Order a drink you can slurp for your insta. Sit outside. People watch till your eyes hurt. Walk in only. 

Rodeo Drive (baby) – I mean obviously it doesn’t need to be said that you absolutely have to visit LA’s most prestigious street. Visit Sprinkles cupcake ATM for the photos (I wasn’t overly enthused with my cookie) 

In n Out. Oh how excited I was about this. I was underwhelmed by the fries but it really didn’t matter because look how great the photos are. Yeah I said it. 

Delilah Don’t bother going here if you’re on a budget. The staff won’t give you the time of day. If you do happen to be on a no expense spared trip to LA then fuck it. Order the carrot soufflé because it’s LIFE. My main regret in life was not ordering the slutty brownie for dessert. Go in a group – this is a place to see and be seen. If you can get a table. Must book Obv. 

I know this has taken a long time to write but it’s been a pleasure reminiscing about what was probably the best culinary trip of my entire lifetime. It took me a good 3 months to get over and I’ll never forget it. See you soon LA (fingers crossed) – I’ll always love you. 

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