Pizza parties are the best kind of parties. Especially when the pizza is pure piping hot doughy perfection and the Prosecco is flowing. Last night saw the opening of Firezza’s first proper restaurant. With a killer location on Dean Street, this is going to change the game for pizza lovers in London. 

Creamy buffala mozzarella, juicy sun blushed tomatoes, drizzly garlicky pesto, freshly picked basil and the crispiest crunchiest bread came together in unison to make wonderful little bitesized bruschetta canapes. I gorged on about 12 of these before we even sat down for dinner. 

The pizza may not have been round but it certainly was perfection. I doused every slice in all the chilli oil and chilli flakes and ate until it hurt. I’m still dreaming of that mozzarella, please just take a couple of moments to appreciate how creamy it is. I mean come on. 

The freshly filled and dipped cannoli at the end of the evening pretty much made my week. This stuff is like crack. Actual Italian, pastry dessert crack. 

All of these elements and the copious amounts of booze meant this was pretty much the best party ever. Get your soon to be fat asses down to Firezza ASAP for some sensational carby goodness and trust me on this one, have the cannoli. 

Yes Firezza, I’ll be back. Soon. I promise. 

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