So I’ve been back a while now and I’m still seriously suffering from the LA blues. There’s a California shaped hole in my heart and nothing, not even Tesco Finest Prosecco is helping to fill the void. As I lay on my bed, listening to the rain splattering on the window, I’m going to take some time to talk to you about potentially the best 9 days of my adult life. 

We stayed at The Mondrian on Sunset. Home of LA’s prestigious Skybar. It was oh so fancy. 

I’d say we spent the majority of our time eating and shopping. I also spent s lot of time taking pictures. Let me start by talking you through the food… 

Jon & Vinnys Jon & Vinny’s is an essential if you’re visiting LA. It’s a relatively casual but always busy and always amazing Italian on Fairfax. Have the vodka pasta, it’s addictive, definitely have a pizza – we went for the LA woman – and go wild with sides. It’s worth going in a group and sharing (like most places in LA) because everything is so good. We shared the brocollini, Zucchini and Arugula salad (AKA courgette & rocket) and a burrata toast. The wine is really good, they’ve got a little wine shop just behind the restaurant. It’s called Helen’s, it has a neon pink sign and the rosè is blush, what more could you wish for? Must book. 

Smorgasburg Great vibes, amazing food and cute little market stalls. Have the Shrimp Daddy garlic butter Shrimp, it’s worth the wait. You’ll see people chomping down on caveman style turkey legs, lavish looking lobster on polystyrene plates and live sea urchin. This is a step or 2 up from Street Feast or Dinerama and of course the sunshine doesn’t hurt. Go early, prepare to queue (or get in line as the Americans say) and try as much as you can.  Walk in Obv. 

Pizzeria Mozza Best pizza in town. Hands down. Order the squash blossoms if they have them and the truffle mushroom pizza is incred. Wine is off the chain and not too expensive either. We didn’t have starters because we’d pretty much spent the entire day eating but they looked insane. INSANE. Must book. 

Joan’s on Third Cute kitch deli / cafe with lots of nice things to buy and take home. Instagrammable as hell and pretty good for celeb spotting. This is where the cool, attractive people come for lunch. You’ll feel uber LA sat outside chomping on your salad and slurping your juice. The soup is good too. We ate here for lunch and then dinner one day. It’s that good. Walk in only. 

Chateau Marmont Have breakfast/lunch/dinner outside – you’ll never feel more old school LA. Celeb spotting is guaranteed. I had the Huvevos Rancheros and mother had gluten free blueberry pancakes. We were in our element. Must book. 

The bar is separate to the hotel, you need to book that too. Wear your premium clothes.

For those of you that are interested, here’s a sneak peak inside the Chateau…

Sugarfish Sushi Supposedly the best sushi in LA. We only had sushi once so I couldn’t judge. The wine was cheap and delicious. This is no frills but was packed and definitely delicious. Walk in only. You will have to wait. 

Polo Lounge & Cabana Cafe @ The Beverly Hills Hotel A plants on Pink Instagram dream. Very expensive. Definite celeb spottings. Amazing complimentary nibbles with your wine at Polo Lounge. Whispering Angel rosé is the most perfect blush. Book the Cabana for lunch if the weather is nice. Go to the gift shop! Must book.

Pink Taco Great deals on a Tuesday. Cocktails served in pineapples. Not the best tacos ever but good vibes and good value. Probably a good idea to book but you don’t have to. 

Alfred Coffee The best coffee. There are a few, visit as many as you can. Killer branding and even more killer pastries. 

Alfred Tea Room 
Cutest tea establishment in the world. Fact. 

That’s it for part 1, hold tight for part 2…

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