It’s not often I’ll write a blog post whilst I’m sat in the actual restaurant I’m writing about but I’m just so inspired and in love with this place that I can’t help myself. (That being said I do have four hours to kill until my train and it’s the third time I’ve been here in two days).

Love Thy Neighbour is a brand new cafe/bar hidden at the top of Bold Street in Liverpool’s city centre. I’m not from round here but I do travel up north for work occasionally and I can guarantee I’ll find an excuse to come back here on every single trip.

We stumbled across it whilst researching potential food suppliers for work and couldn’t believe our luck when we walked inside. Every single thing about it is perfect. Think Palm Vaults but bigger, cooler, quieter, less hipster and full of northerners. There just isn’t a better formula for a winning concept.

There are five things I’ve always said I’d have in my very own cafe; plants, a pink neon, amazing crockery, good lighting and Instagram friendly tables (previously marble but now that’s been done a million times, bleached wood is in favour). This place has it all. And more. 

There are a few things I’d like to point out before I get started.
1. The ceiling: Plants on plants on plants. Couldn’t love this more if I tried.

2. The wine list: Two whites, two rosés, two reds. £3.95 for a glass or £15.95 for a bottle. I know I’m up north but come on. That’s incredible.

3. The cocktails: They’re all healthy. Now there’s no excuse. 

On my first visit I just had a coffee. My colleague ordered the Wild Loaf Sourdough, Smashed Avocado & Poached Egg and I was very jealous. My caramel latte was served with a matcha energy ball (possibly a freebie for my over enthusiasm) and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. 


Later that evening I came back for cocktails. We had one Cucumber & Rose Collins and a Zubrowka Vodka & Fresh Press Apple. They were served in huge glasses which made me stupidly happy. Nothing annoys me more than tiny martini style champagne/cocktail glasses that hold nothing more than a gulp. Healthy cocktails are a bit odd but these were weirdly enjoyable. And strong. Really strong. 

And here I am now, back again for breakfast. Killing time but also having the time of my life. I was the only one in here for a while and enjoyed the serenity of it all but slowly the place got busier as the people of Liverpool came in to soothe their hangovers in the best way possible. I obviously went for the avo toast as I hadn’t stopped thinking about it since yesterday. I’m going to point out that my avocado was ever so slightly brown on this occasion, not something I’ll hold against them but something that I did notice unfortunately. 

The staff aren’t pushy or intimidating, everyone’s extremely laid back and friendly. The music is super chilled and the vibe is perfect. Have I mentioned that yet? ITS PERFECT.

Find a reason so go and visit. Make it happen. I know I’ll be using every excuse under the sun to come back. 

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