The Diner. You all know it. They were one of the first American style restaurants to serve up classic USA inspired guilty pleasures and although chilli cheese fries and hard shakes have served them well over the years they’ve gone and got themselves a new menu. 

After months of research stateside The Diner is back with lots of shiny new dishes; all epitomising the ultimate American dream. I was invited down to check out these heart attack inducing plates of stodge and boy oh boy I enjoy myself.

We started with Bellini’s – not so classic American but a good way to start a meal nonetheless. Shortly after we were presented with our Bacon Jalepeño Tater Tots and Freakshow Chicken (AKA Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips served with Franks Hot Sauce). Doesn’t get more American than that right? The tater tots were served with what I’m sure what a puréed potato & horseradish dip. Carb on carb in it’s absolute highest form. I’m a sucker for any kind of Buttermilk/buffalo/hot sauce combo and although this wasn’t a new dish, it was a trusted one and it went down a treat.

Mains came in the form of the Pulled Pork Taco Salad Bowl (not new but OMG) and the Diner Meatloaf (slabs of meatloaf wrapped in bacon & served with creamy mash & tonnes of gravy. Looked a bit like prison food but warms you from the inside out kind of food. The mash and gravy combo was so creamy I was actually dipping my cheese fries into it. More carb on carb action. 

Our sides came in the form of Cheese Fries, Corn on the Cob and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. All yellow / beige and all great. Totally not necessary but great. 

For dessert we sucked up our morals and tried the Trumpshake. Yes. Donald Trump in milkshake form. Probably the best kind of Trump if you ask me.

After an evening of carb loading amd guilty pleasures I felt well and truly stuffed. If you want to get fat like the Americans and be gluttonous for an evening then The Diner is your spot. There ain’t no healthy options here and it was probably the best place to spend World Vegan Day. Enjoy y’all. 

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