Haché. Posh burgers. Really, really good posh burgers. Somehow I’ve missed out on sampling one of these delights in all my years of burger tasting. This week I got to experience the Haché x Holborn pop-up and I’ll never look back. 

Although a little hard to find, hidden in the basement of Holborn’s famous Hush Brasserie is Haché Holborn. A high end burger joint gracing this central london venue with its presence for just two precious months. This isn’t your ordinary burger restaurant though, this is the kind of place you eat your burger with a knife and fork and you sip your wine out of proper wine glasses. My kind of place if you know me at all. There’s no kitchen roll on the table to wipe up sloppy burger juice dripping from your chin and there’s no danger of over ordering in this upmarket patty palace. 

The menu is super simple: Two snack options and four burgers. 

We started with both snacks; Harlequin Olives and Pitta with Black Garlic Hummus. The smoothest hummus I ever did try and fluffiest pitta in the land. I made little canapé sandwich bites with the olives and pitta and dunked them in the hummus because I’m weird like that and it was honestly amazing. 

You’ve got four burgers to choose from, although you’d be a fool not to go for the Steak Le Fumé. A) Because it’s comes in a smoked filled dome and B) Because it’s bloody incredible. All the burgers are made with steak meat – see what I mean about high end? And you’ve got a choice of three sides and three sauces. So simple, so effective. The fries dipped in the Bernaise pretty much sent me over the edge of happiness and halfway to heaven. 

My only complaint (and there literally is only one), is that my burger was ever so slightly overcooked and not pink and juicy like I’d requested. Didn’t really matter though, still tasted bloody amazing. 

The drinks menu is just as simple as the food menu. One white, one red, one craft beer, one shake and a selection of soft drinks. Just how I like it, not too much choice and quality everything. 

The atmosphere in this place is almost better than the food, it’s teeny tiny, cosy and so well lit I wished I’d brought a date. The lighting and the music was something I commented on all night and the celebrity photos on the wall on the way to the toilet (errr hello Spice Girls) absolutely made my night. 

I mean it, this place is seriously worth a visit. It’s romantic as hell too, so if you’re into burgers but don’t fancy taking your date somewhere that doesn’t have cutlery then this is the one. You better get there quick though, it’s only open until December 23rd. 

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