Now that I’m back on the blogging bandwagon, the invitations just keep coming. This week I got to check out yet another Fuller’s Kitchen venue; The Sail Loft at Cutty Sark. I was one of the lucky ones selected to sample their simple but delicious menu and was overjoyed to be back in my element eating all the food.  

The venue itself is worth writing home about. Floor to ceiling windows with incredible views of London looking out onto the river and yet another subtle and effective theme; this time of a nautical nature. The Sail Loft was an impressive choice, Fuller’s Kitchen have over 190 venues (with a dedicated menu for each restaurant) and this one was an experience. 

We were greeted in the best way possible, with ice cold Prosecco and a welcoming smile from our favourite PR people. The private dining room was set up ready for us to take our seats and shortly after we were seated, the wine was poured and we were presented with a selection of delightful starters. 

West Mersea oysters with shallot vinaigrette and lemon 

Juicy, slippery, salty and delicious. I had two myself and even managed to persuade my oyster virgin, fish hating friend to try one. She’s not fully conformed but she didn’t gag so that’s definitely a good sign. 

Venison Carpaccio with pear and almond vinaigrette, cocoa nibs and Manchego

Rich, salty and meaty, everything you’d want from Carpaccio. Weirdly this was the only dish that wasn’t finished but I really rated it. 

Seared Scallops with pork belly, celeriac puree, apple and truffle vinaigrette 

I was gutted I didn’t get to try this dish, it was probably too yummy for people to share but looked sensational and smelled divine, the rich truffle scent filled the room before it was even served and had my salivating from the moment I saw it. 

Roasted Octopus with chorizo jam, confit fennel and crispy capers

This was another dish I didn’t get to try but was less upset about, it freaks me about a bit when you can see the octopus and it’s not something I’ve ever got round to trying. I’ve only just stared to enjoy crispy squid so it might be a little while before I’ll appreciate chowing down on tentacles. 

Roasted Beetroots with honeycomb, goat’s cheese mousse, almonds and grape molasses 

My favourite. A dish I’ll always order if it’s on the menu and this was one of the best. The honeycomb was a weird but incredible addition and the sweet grape molasses combined with the salty goats cheese made me so happy inside. 

Cured Meat Platter with figs, caper berries, olives and toast 

This was never going to be my favourite because cured meats don’t excite me but the fig did and it was actually delicious. One for the less adventurous eaters but a yummy one nonetheless. 

Next we were asked to choose a main course, something I struggle with at the best of times, let alone once I’ve had a few glasses of Prosecco and haven’t even browsed the menu. To settle my indecisive panic I went halves with Kim, my guest for the evening. We definitely did the right thing, both dishes were out of this bloody world. 

The 8oz Rib Eye Steak with dauphinoise chips, truffle crust, watercress and Marmite hollandaise absolutely blew my mind. 

Obviously anything with Marmite hollandaise was going to be my first choice and obviously it was going to be delicious but my god was this good. The dauphinois chips were also a revelation, especially for someone who hasn’t been eating carbs. 

BUT… even better than the steak was the Roasted Duck Breast with gin infused blackberries, crispy potato, carrot puree and juniper jus.

Excuse my language and the unintended pun but fuck and duck was this good. Probably one of the yummiest things I’ve eaten in a while and it looked so beautiful on the plate. Dream dish. 


We couldn’t decide between the sides so ordered them all; Charred Chicory, pancetta and chestnut butter, Garlic & Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries with Parmesan AND Butter Roasted Pumpkin with Chilli and Crispy Sage. The sweet potato fries dipped in Marmite hollandaise made me die a little bit inside – so bloody good. 

Desserts also came in abundance. Baked Alaska with Poached Peaches and raspberries (my favourite of the lot), Banoffe Sundae (I accidentally put this in my mouth without asking what it was and had to spit it straight out because bananas are the ONLY thing I refuse to eat), Lemon Tart with Marshmallow and Rasberries (yum) and finally Paul’s Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Peanuts (yes Paul!). 

Incredible decor, delicious food, amazing service and all round great event. Plus the toilets are AMAZING…

All in all it was an extremely delicious meal and an amazing evening, I’d recommend it, I’d go back and I’m excited to try more Fuller’s Kitchen menu’s in the future. Thanks for having me! 

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