It’s been a while since I last posted anything on here. I’ve started a new job and had one of the bussiest months of my life, it feels good to be back though. 

I’ve had to turn down a fair few invitations over the last few weeks but can finally breathe a little bit again and get some good food in my gob; starting with Sunday lunch at The Hydrant. 

The Hydrant isn’t a themed restaurant but it’s definitely got a theme, the decor screams fire station and every single fixture and fitting is considered, which I loved. Fire extinguisher lamp shades, water hose walls and an emergency call phone box are just a few of the quirky little details The Hydrant has to offer.

When it comes to food, The Hydrant is all about small plates; you’ve got Meat, Veggie, Fish, Bread, Snacks, Sides, Salads and Sweets. You probably only need about 2-3 each and they’re all very reasonably priced. I’m trying (my absolute hardest/but also kind of failing) not to eat carbs so although my options were slightly limited, it didn’t really matter because the choice was there. 

I couldn’t resist the Chargrilled Kefalotyri (basically halloumi), Courgettes, Tomato & Crispy Capers – everything about that combination appealed to me and it didn’t disappoint, plus I was over the moon at how cute all the plates and bowls were. 

The Beetroot, Spelt, Pistachio, Baked Ricotta, Pomegranate & Berbere Croutons Salad was my favourite dish though, it was presented perfectly and tasted amazing. The ingredients were fresh and the flavours worked together really well. 

We shared the Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip and although they were pleasant, we weren’t overly impressed with the level of sauciness. I’m a buffalo wing connoisseur and pretty much always order them when they’re on a menu but these just didn’t live up to to the hot, sticky, saucy expectations that I’m used to. Basically if I don’t need a whole roll of kitchen towel to wipe my hands after I eat them they aren’t wet enough and these didn’t require more than a suck of the fingers. 

Where they failed in buffalo sauce they made up for in dessert; the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Tart with Raspberry Sorbet and the Roast Pineapple, Coconut & Almond Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream won me over. The crumble (which wasn’t really much of a crumble and more of an avalanche of dessicated coconut and almond flakes) was my favourite and my ‘I’ll just have one bite’ went swiftly out the window after the first taste.

Chloe (the guest of honour) ordered the Saffron, Caramelised Onion & Pea Frittata, a side of Buttered Spinach and the Fish Finger Bun – I wasn’t keen on the frittata but was drooling over the brioche bun and fried fish combo, pretty sure the spinach was her favourite part, she’s weird like that. 

Was kind of let down at the lack of sexy firemen but enjoyed my meal nonetheless… thanks for having me guys

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