Most bottomless brunches in London come with commitment. Commitment to a 3 course meal, commitment to one type of drink, commitment that I just don’t have time for. I like freedom. Freedom to eat, drink and do whatever I like (within reason). Cabana’s #BasicBrunch is about the freedom and they don’t tie you down to anything other than a two hour limit and a little note to keep it friendly, of course. Go crazy on pineapple, mango or passion fruit Bellini’s, soften the blow of your hangover with their signature Bloody Maria’s and flit between the two if that’s what floats your boat.

You have to finish one drink before ordering the next one, so unlike some brunches you will have to encounter an empty glass, but the staff are attentive and for £14.95 a head (probably the cheapest bottomless deal yet) you really can’t complain. Plus, you don’t technically even have to order food to make use of the bottomless deal, although I’d recommend you do.

We ordered a few dishes and shared, as #BasicBitches that brunch usually do. The menu is short but sweet and gives your hungover fuzzy indecisive brain a break. 

What would a #BasicBrunch be without Avocado Toast? Like all the greatest, Cabana serve their avo on toasted sourdough and it’s topped with fresh chilli, lime and a perfectly runny poached egg. Winning. 

Our favourite dish of the meal was the Sweet Potato Hash with a Poached Egg, Crumbled Feta and Chopped Parsley, something I’m definitely going to try and recreate at home and would order again and again if I had the chance. The gooey, oozy yolk, mixed with the salty feta and the sweetness from the sweet potato hash was just basic perfection. 

Cabana’s Spicy Malagueta Chicken Wings are their specialty, I’ve had my fair share of them in the past but couldn’t resist ordering a portion at brunch because frankly it’s never too early for chicken wings. They went down a treat, my only complaint was that there weren’t enough – five split between three meant that someone drew the short straw and that someone ended up being me. I did however get to devour three quarters of the Picanha Burger which kind of made up for it. The burger itself isn’t particularly juicy, fat didn’t drip down my chin like I’ve become accustomed to but the Malagueta Mayo Chimichurri and Rio Beans more than make up for this in terms of moisture. The beef patty, mayo and beans are sandwiched between a Brioche Bun (totes basic), topped with tomato and matchsticks (not quite sure what these are) and served with Fries and a fruity Slaw. What better way to soak up all the alcohol?

We ended the meal with a Pastel De Nata; a baked custard tart for those of you that aren’t familiar – not something I’d usually order but delightful nonetheless. The Peanut Butter and Oreo Sundae made with frozen yoghurt was more my kind of thing and I demolished the lot.

Cabana’s #BasicBrunch runs every Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm at Islington or Brixton. I recommend Brixton, then you can take a little trip to Brixton Beach Boulevard after to make the most of your Bellini buzz!

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