THE HEINEKEN BOX. This one’s for the lads, or for the small minority of girls who like/pretend to like football. As I’m sure most of you are aware, the Euros are looming. To be fair I wasn’t even totally sure what the Euros were up until quite recently so forgive me for doing a write up on something I’m not totally into. The thing is, Heinekens one of my favourite beers and I’m not one to turn down an invitation to a party with free booze – especially if the party is likely to be full of boys. So when I was asked to attend the launch event for The Heineken Box at Amber Bar I wasn’t going to be a massive girl and decline was I? 

The ‘Heineken Box’ launches this Friday and is a fully immersive entertainment experience that welcomes people that want to enjoy the Euros in a slightly more interesting venue than the local pub. The Heineken VIP Zone is equipped with everything you boys need for a good night; fridges full of bottled beer, self-serving draught taps, foosball, table tennis and large screens to watch the games on. 

The Heineken Box is also available at Tiger Tiger London and packages start from £25 per person. Plus they have bespoke rooms available to hire for events, perfect for your after work shenanigans. So what if I spent the entire evening drinking vodka tonics and didn’t glance at a screen once or play one round of table tennis? I can still appreciate that this is going to get a few people rather excited. Nothing winds me up more than a room full of boys that don’t pay attention to me (which is exactly what happens when the footballs on) so you may not see me there but it’s highly recommended that you try it out, if it’s your thing.

 Right, enough about beer and boys and balls, I’ll get back to drooling over food now… 

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