Celebrating my birthday this year has unintentionally become a month long ordeal and the meals just have not stopped. On Monday I visited Absurd Bird as a post birthday/post NYC treat with two foodie friends. I’d not heard of Absurd Bird before but after 3 minutes perusing the extremely satisfying menu online I was won over and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some finger lickin’ chicken.

The restaurant is on Commercial Street in Shoreditch and has really great vibes, neon signs and a cute cocktail bar downstairs. It wasn’t hugely busy but I recon after a few rave reviews and once word of mouth has spread it will be buzzing. That being said it was a Monday and it is fairly new so I’ll cut them some slack. 

The food was great. We shared most of it. Highlights were the Buffalo Chicken Wings, Spinach & Artichoke Dip and of course the gooey and delicious Sweet Potato Bake topped with marshmallows. You’d be a fool not to order those dishes because they absolutely killed it. 

The Dirty Buns were good; you get three little Japanese steamed buns with fried chicken, spicy mayo and pickle. Not the best buns I’ve ever eaten but the chicken is really juicy and tasty so they’re good. The Jalapeño Mac ‘n’ Cheese wasn’t salty or cheesy enough for me but I just dipped each forkful into the insanely yummy artichoke dip and it was a match made in gluttonous heaven. My dieting friend ordered the Brown Rice Salad & Big Momma’s Style Southern Smoked Chicken which obviously had nothing on our fried, cheesy variety but was tasty nonetheless and it’s good that a chicken shop can offer a healthy alternative. If only I had the willpower to order such dishes…

My one and only real complaint is the poor show in my glass of prosecco, it was literally a quarter full and that ain’t cool. I like it filled to the top and that’s non negotiable. Again let them off though because the food made me happy inside.

The dessert menu is SERIOUSLY impressive. It was a shame I’d gone so hard on the sweet potato bake and couldn’t handle any more sugar. I’m gutted I didn’t have room for the Dipsy Cake or Crack Pie as I’d ben dreaming about them all day. There is always of course next time though… 

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