As I’m sure you all already know, Brasil are hosting the Olympic games this summer and Cabana have gone all out with the lead up celebrations. Their Brazilian Barbecue menu is all you need to get you in the mood for Rio and the Caipirinha cocktails will make you feel like you’re already there. I was invited down to sample a very large selection of their menu and spent an evening gearing up for what is set to be a banger of a summer.

We were seated at our table, served bowls of ‘bottomless’ corn chips with ‘guaca-molho’ and there wasn’t a moment throughout the evening that I didn’t have an ice cold Caipirinha in hand. My kind of event on every level. I’ve been trying to eat out less recently and  I’m currently 6 weeks into a 7 week ‘meat free’ stint. I don’t want to outright say I’ve been vegetarian because that would be a lie, I’m too weak to say no to things like parmesan and gummy sweets but I’ve definitely tried my best. Saying no to buffalo wings last weekend was proof that I can do this so I wasn’t going to fail one week before the finish line. Cabana were very accommodating to this and although I hated myself for saying no to the ‘spicy malagueta chicken doughnuts’ I was appreciative of all the meat free options that they served us. 


The chargrilled halloumi with guava dip was a winner, as anything with cheese usually is. Guava dip though – REVELATION. 

The cheesy baked dough balls were banging and the whipped garlic butter put Pizza Express to shame.

These spicy malagueta chicken wraps looked great. I’m a big lettuce wrap fan and will most certainly be ordering these when I go back.

Like I said, chicken doughnuts. Probably not much more that needs to be said here…

This is what Cabana like to call their ‘crispy lula squid’, I like to refer to a part of the human anatomy as a Lula so I’m not sure how I feel about the name. I’m sadly not eating fish either ATM so gave this dish a miss but that malagueta dip was the BOMB.

After all the nibbley bits came the MEAT. By this point I could barely move I was so full and it wasn’t even a struggle to resist but I did try barbecued pineapple and it was without a doubt the best thing I ate all night. I’ll be making my Dad barbecue pineapple for years to come and I thank Cabana for bringing it into my life. Who needs meat when you have meaty fruit? I KNOW RIGHT.

As well as all of the meat we were brought over sweet potato and cassava fries, a little salad with (more) halloumi, quinoa, avocado, squash and mango dressing plus a tomato & ‘palm-hearts’ side salad so I felt fully catered for and did not by any means go hungry. In fact I could barely navigate myself out the restaurant I was so stuffed after all this food. 
  No meal is complete without dessert, no matter how full you are and this was an absolute treat. The chocolate raindrop doughnuts with Nutella were what we’d been waiting for all night and most certainly didn’t disappoint. You can always count on Nutella to end the night well. 

We were sent home with bottles of hot sauce and Cabana Bucks for our next trip. A perfect end to a delicious alcohol infused feast. I’ll see you soon Cabana baby.. 

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