I like a bottle of beer. It’s rare I’ll drink a beer in any other form than the bottled variety so I was delighted to receive a box of Bedlam Brewery craft beers a couple of weeks ago. It’s taken me a while to get round to trying them all but I highly recommended them. They taste good and they look pretty. Goals.  

Pilsner. Classic Pilsner lager with citrusy aroma & refreshing flavour. My favourite and perfect for pre drinks. Kimmy has teamed it with matching Whistles trousers & Topshop lipstick.


Porter. Pale, Crystal, Brown and Chocolate malts blended with fresh Fuggles and Goldings hops. Perfect for parties. 

Golden Ale. Bold, refreshing flavour. Natural, rich, golden colour. Perfect for summer.

Benchmark. An amber coloured Ale with refreshing bitterness and sweet, fruity notes. Nice and rich with a hint of chocolate and malted flavours. Perfect to share with your mates. 

India Pale Ale. With a full, rich flavour and amber colour this beer has a great balance and wonderful full aroma. Not necessarily perfect with rainbow bagels but it looks pretty great. 

Can you tell I enjoy colour coordination?

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