I’m currently sat horizontal across the back of a (party) bus on the way home from Sugar Dumplin in Camberley. I know – it’s a long way away but fuck it, Wednesday’s the new Thursday and it’s worth it. I’m here because my favourite galdem at my favourite PR company invited me for a night of rum cocktails and jerk chicken at Camberley’s hottest Caribbean joint and I’m not one to turn down such luxuries. 

We were picked up from London Bridge and taken all the way there in a UV lit party bus. We played party games, drank Wray & Nephews from plastic cups and eagerly awaited the feast that was being prepared for us at the Caribbean BBQ & Bar at The Atrium in Camberley. 

When we were arrived we were seated and treated to pretty much everything on the menu. All of which was an absolute dream. They started us off with Jerk King Prawns, Bajan Salt Fish & Salt Cod Fish Cakes and Sticky BBQ Ribs. Followed by soft and doughy Dumplings, tender and juicy Jerk Chicken, Guyanese Curry, Curry Goat – off the bone which is always a treat, Roti Bread, Rice n Peas, Plantain and literally allllllll the cockails; including the Bob Marley that nearly burnt my mouth off (flaming passion fruit) and the Rum Punch that got us suitably pissed and sleepy for the hour long journey home. Which brings me to now. 

The service was great, decor on pojnt and food yummy. Enjoy the photos guys. And sleep tight, I know I definitely will.

Thanks to Norris for the food and for looking after us all – you were a highlight. 

P.S. Apparently my steel drum skills are on point 

P.P.S Glasgow crew there’s a Sugar Dumplin in Princess Square too. 








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