I’ve never done Dry Jan, I’ve never really wanted to or felt the need to and if I’m honest I don’t think I ever will. December was stressful and busy at work and I didn’t get to go out half as much as I’d have liked so my manager and I went for more of a ‘Wet Jan’ approach this month. All that being said, last night I went to an event to celebrate the end of Dry Jan with Alcohol Concern at Strada and I learnt that there’s a hell of a lot more to Dry Jan than I thought. It was really interesting to hear them talk about how people find it hard to say no to drinking because of the pressure of their friends and even when they’re making a conscious decision to cut back throughout the year, January is the only time they actually have an excuse and don’t feel they have to drink. I know a lot of people use it as an excuse to save money or lose weight but it’s not really about that and I do think the message can get lost. It’s all fun and games until drinking becomes a problem and it’s great that people have noticed this and are doing something about it.

Strada have introduced a range of alcohol free drinks, that to my surprise actually taste pretty good. I know to a lot of people it seems weird and that there’s not much point to it but the ‘red wine’ and the ‘bubbly’ were both actually really nice and far more enjoyable than I ever expected. I’m not saying you’ve got to go T-total and cut out drinking but if you were cutting back this would be a pretty awesome way to do so. These options will be on the menu permanatly and are very reasonable so give them a try next time you’re eating at Strada.

Informative rant over, now let’s talk about the food. The venue was Strada, Riverside – More London. They call it that because believe it or not it’s by the river. It’s also my favourite Strada ever and the views are absolutely insane. When I go there it makes me proud to be a Londoner and I find it difficult not to take photos of the water features even though I’ve seen them plenty of times before. I’ve reviewed Strada before and stand by my words when I say it’s well worth a trip and the food is on point.

They served up an abundance of Bruschetta with toppings like Cottage Cheese and Salmon, Mozzarella & Chilli, Avocado Mash and the classic Tomato and Basil – which were all of course delightful. Garlic Mushroom with Parmesan was the winner though – we ate far too many of these. Crispy Fried Squid with Garlic dip, PERFECT olives, Tiramisu and Pana Cotta all went round on plates and did a brilliant job of ruining any kind of January health kick I’d planned on doing. It was so worth it though.


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