Ma’Plucker is a chicken restaurant that totally caters for all the fussy eaters amongst us. You can customise your meal in four different ways; you choose your base (Brioche Bun | Salad | Maple Waffle), your sauce (MP chicken skin gravy | Chipotle chilli sauce Kansas BBQ | Herb dressing | Maple chilli glaze), and finally your chicken (Hickory Spiced Pulled, Crispy Coated Buttermilk Dipped | Rotisserie Chipotle) and there’s Crispy Coated Halloumi Cheese for those of you that are that way inclined. If you don’t like meals bespoke to you and you fancy ordering off the menu then you can do that too. We went for Chicken Fried Steak (not actually chicken at all) and The Fried Chicken & Halloumi Bun. You’ve got all the usual suspect side dishes; Crack & Cheeze (Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls) Pickles, Fries, Slaw, Buttered Corn, Mash, Greens, Baked Beans and Salad to accompany your chicken and a short but sweet dessert menu to satisfy your after dinner cravings.

The Cornflake and Caramel sundae totally won me over. It weirdly ended up being my favourite dish and completely blew me away with how delicious it was. The ice cream is actually cornflake flavour, the whole thing tastes like Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut on crack and its worth visiting on the basis of the sundae alone. The chickens pretty damn great too.

Oh and the toilets are AMAZING.


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