I’m going to seriously have to reassess my ‘Best Of’ post after visiting Shackfuyu for the first time. I’m kicking myself for waiting this long to tick it off the list and I’m counting down the minutes until I can go back. It’s pretty much the holy grail of Japanese food (but with a western twist) and absolutely blew me away. As I knew it would.

Rosie Londoner and Grace Dent gave it rave reviews ages ago and I’ve been desperate for that Kinako French Toast ever since. I tried to go a while back but it was closed for reconstruction but I got to go back yesterday for the soft launch of the new and improved restaurant. 

The small plates really did it for me (Like really, really did it for me) – Edamame with the most INCREDIBLE Sweet Chilli Soy Sauce that I almost drank straight from the bowl, Korean Fried Chicken Wings which made me want to shout ‘HOLY FUCK’ as loud as possible, Miso Aubergine that actually melted in my mouth, Fried Potatoes with Japanese Curry Sauce – AKA the BEST chips with curry sauce you’ll EVER eat, Roast Sweetcorn with Lime Butter and 7 Spice Pepper which was REALLY great but not the best corn dish I’ve ever had (all hail Chooks Corn with Lime, Chilli & Parmesan) and Prawn Toast Masquarading As Okonomiyaki which is easily the best prawn toast I’ve ever had but was still my least favourite small dish (partly due to the fact that I’ll never be comfortable with those moving fish flakes (if you know you know)).

The mains we had were good but in my opinion didn’t quite live up to the starters. We went for the Wild Cornish Seabass with Orange Miso, the Hot Stone Rice with Sesame, Chilli & Beef (it broke my heart a little bit that our waitress mixed it all together before I got the chance to take a good photo because it was so pretty) and the Sukiyaki Style Wagyu Picanha. The rice dish was actually my favourite but if I went back I’d try something different, potentially the beef short rib or the Iberico Pork. All that being said I’d still give the Seabass and Wagyu Picanha a really high 7/10 – they just weren’t a solid 10/10 like the starters. 

Dessert needs no introduction. If you know anything at all about the London food scene you’ll have heard about this beauty time and time again. It’s the only pudding on the menu and it’s the only pudding they need. It’s beyond anything I could have wished for, exceeded all expectations and had my eyes rolling into the back of my head with happiness because it was so bloody good. Kinako French Toast with Soft Serve Matcha Ice Cream, you are God. 

Get down to Shackfuyu before you do anything else. And take me with you.  


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