I got to Winter Wonderland for 3 reasons:

1. I love Christmas

2. I love rides


All of the food. I’ll be visiting again very soon to consume everything again (and all the things I couldn’t manage yesterday) but here are some suggestions for when you take a trip to London’s most festive fun fair.

Hot dogs – you can’t escape them. Don’t try. They’re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside plus they come smothered in onions and taste so bloody good.

Donuts – hot, sugary and dunked in melted chocolate. I made a lot of noises whilst eating these. A lot of (good) noises.

Chips & dips – or curly fries if you prefer. Topped with curry sauce, gravy AND grated cheese. Don’t judge me, just trust me.

Potatoes – with garlic & bacon. Lacking a creamy cheesy sauce but still tasted sensational. Could have been less greasy.

Pork Crackling & Pulled pork Fries – no to the cracking but yes to the pulled pork. Bad Jew.

I also tried Currywurst for the first time but definitely was not sold.

Winter Wonderland ticks every single box and I just cannot stress enough that they’ve upped their food game and it’s just so much fucking fun. When are we going back please?

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