I really, really, really like pasta. Like, really like it. It’s my ultimate, number one, indulgent treat food that I don’t actually eat that often. I envy those people that eat spaghetti bolognaise or penne pesto for lunch everyday and that think of a pasta bake as a weeknight essential. For some reason I regard pasta as the ultimate, gluttonous feast and when I eat it, I go in hard. All the carbs, ALL the cream and as much Parmesan as physically possible.

I got to satisfy all my needs tonight. Every single one of them. Pasta Remoli in Finsbury Park is the ultimate Italian, create your own pasta experience. It’s everything a carb fanatic could wish for and if you’re like me and like personalising your food then it’s absolutely bloody perfect.

You pick your pasta: Pappardelle, Ham & Parmesan Ravioli. You pick your sauce: Italian Pork Sausage Ragu, Cheesy. You pick your topping: Parmesan (every time). They also have specials, appetisers and desserts. It’s all great. We started with Duck Carpaccio and the Fried Mozarella Caprese. We won. We also had double desserts, because we could. I went for the Tiramisu with Disoronno Jelly and Pistachio Ice Cream and Kimmy had Lemon Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, washed down with Limoncello shots obv. 

It’s fun, good value, close to Finsbury Park station and they have an ‘AperiPasta’ party every Sunday with Aperol Spritz where you pay £12 for a drink and a pasta buffet fit for kings. I’m pretty sure it would be a lot of fun and well worth the visit. Yes Pasta Remoli, you’re into a very good thing. Thank you.  


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