The people behind Night Tales have done it again. With their latest pop-up smashing life like every single other thing they’ve done, Tokyo Nights is everything you would want it to be and more. Patty & Bun, Nanny Bills, Bubbledogs, Walter & Monty, Happy Chicken and Dorshi Dumplings are on offer to satisfy your cravings and they do all do it oh so well. I’ll be going back soon to sample all the things I didn’t get to try last night but in the mean time please feast your eyes on these delights.

Nanny Bills started on the street food scene this summer with croquettes that will make your mouth water. They’ve started making sandwiches now and they have absolutely nailed it. I’ll be sampling each an every one of them over the next few visits and I’d recommend you do the exact same thing.

This dish from Happy Chicken  looks delightful but wasn’t actually mine so I didn’t even get to try it. Next time though…



Patty & Bun Confit Chicken Wings and Chips with Togarashi Salt. Next level wings.

Dorshi Dumplings. By this point I was too drunk to remember what we ordered but I can assure you it was bloody delicious.

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