There are so many restaurants in London that I try my best not to revisit a place more than once. There are of course exceptions. Places that become my favourite and deserve numerous trips back in an attempt to taste the whole menu. Places that become regulars with certain friends and places that become special and are usually visited on special occasions. There are only a handful of these place in my life and I’ve just added another one to the list.

Homeslice has just knocked Pizza Union off the top spot (only slightly though and I still love you) and made its way to my number one pizza joint in London. I reviewed it only a week ago and had to go back for more. This time we went for a full 20 incher – half Salami, Rocket & Parmesan half Pumpkin, Brocolli, Pecorino & Crispy Onions. It was just another level delicious and I’ve got so much love for the place I’m already planning my third trip back.

It’s perfect for dates, great for a quick dinner with friends and if it was a tiny bit closer and I wasn’t worried about becoming the size of a house then I’d be  visiting for a slice on my lunch break rather regularly.


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