Pizza is starting to replace burgers in my life and London is doing a really great job at satisfying my need right now. Homeslice has recently opened their second branch on Wells Street and they’re absolute smashing the pizza game like a boss. The topping combinations are what dreams are made of and the base has a naan bread consistency and taste that I’ve pretty much fallen in love with. It’s different to any pizza I’ve had before and you can get it by the slice or by the masses. 20 inch monsters to be precise. For £20. It’s a fucking steal.

Last night we did it by the slice. 4 between two seemed more than enough at the time but right now I wish we’d gone for a whole one and saved the leftovers for breakfast. We had 1 Margherita, 1 Salami Rocket and Parmesan and 2 Mushroom Ricotta Pumpkin Seed and Chilli. The salami was the winner without a doubt and I just cannot get it off my mind. 

The best thing about Homeslice is the magnum of wine they present to you. You drink as much as you want and they come over at the end with a ruler to measure how much you owe. Such a brilliant idea and perfect for sharing.

Decor and atmosphere are spot on. Pizza is sensational and staff are great. Our waitress Éadin was delightful and I’ve already planned to go back on Monday for dinner with my girls.

Two huge thumbs up and a whole lotta love for you Homeslice. You are great. 



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