Dishoom is one of those places that has been on my list for all of time but just never seemed to happen for me. There have been numerous occasions that I’ve nearly gone and then for whatever reason it hasn’t happened and like most good things in life, the more you can’t have it – the more you want it. So you can imagine my delight when the invitation for the soft launch of Dishoom Carnaby entered my inbox. I was of course over the moon and riddled with excitement and couldn’t wait to sink my teet into what I’ve been told time and time again is Londons best curry. 

Im pretty basic when it comes to a curry. Chicken tikka masala, a good old chicken korma or, if I’m feeling particularly exotic a lamb rogan josh; so obviously the menu at Dishoom was one that I wasn’t hugely familiar with. That being said, every single item on it sounded sensational and in a group of 4 (pretty non fussy diners) we shared a selection of Dishoom’s finest small plates, grills, ruby murrays and sides. 

We ordered a lot. Okra fries, calamari, prawn Koliwada and lamb samosas to start. Okra fries, or lady fingers as people like to call them – are my absolute favourite, these didn’t disappoint. The prawn Koliwada was sensational – probably the best out of all 4 small plates.   

For mains we had the chefs special, a sali boti; tender braised lamb in a rich gravy and crunchy crisp chip bits on top, the chicken ruby, gunpowder potatoes, a chicken tikka roll, Bombay prawns, and the paneer tikka. This was served with cheese naan, garlic naan, steamed rice, the house black daal and a roomali roti. Everything about this meal was delightful. The lamb curry was without a doubt the winner but honestly the entire feast was beyond anything I ever expected and I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to ordering plain old basic bitch chicken korma from a takeaway ever again.

Dishoom is one of those places you go to once and then continue to visit time and time again because it’s so bloody great. I’m salivating now at the thought… 



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