Tonight I experienced The Ship Tavern in Holborn and can safely say it's a front runner for best pub grub I've ever had. They call themselves Holborn's best kept secret and I definitely agree. I'm not sure why they needed to invite me along because they're certainly not short of customers but they did and... Continue Reading →


I bloody love gin. I may be known for drinking a very pale blush rosé but I am also extremely partial to gin these days.  That's not always been the case though; last night I learnt the reason for this. Apparently after trying something 27 times your taste buds decide to enjoy it. Red wine,... Continue Reading →


Pizza is starting to replace burgers in my life and London is doing a really great job at satisfying my need right now. Homeslice has recently opened their second branch on Wells Street and they're absolute smashing the pizza game like a boss. The topping combinations are what dreams are made of and the base... Continue Reading →


Competitive eating is something I've always kind of wanted to do but have avoided up until now. Tonight I got to Take On The Tiger at the new (and very much improved) Haymarket Grill at Tiger Tiger London. I've got to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much in terms of the burger and Tiger... Continue Reading →


Dishoom is one of those places that has been on my list for all of time but just never seemed to happen for me. There have been numerous occasions that I've nearly gone and then for whatever reason it hasn't happened and like most good things in life, the more you can't have it -... Continue Reading →

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