This week Ninth Ward opens in Farringdon and is offering up a selection of delectable New Orleans inspired treats. Dreamt up and hand built by three Yanks and a Brit, Ninth Ward is all about ‘interesting booze, wholesome grub and fun. I went down last night to sample what they’ve got on offer and was thoroughly impressed. I didn’t want to overdo it so ordered a Bloody Mary and the Burnt Courgettes. 
Contrary to their name the courgettes aren’t burnt, they are in fact part of the PERFECT courgette salad; consisting of roasted courgette ribbons, spring onions, avocado and pomegranate with lemon and olive oil dressing. It was sensational. I tasted the Cajun Sliced Steak as well which was zingy, fresh and delicious. I was really appealed by the Ward’s Whole Cajun Chicken cooked 5 ways (winged, rotisserie, fried, sliders and gumbo) but decided to resist. The plan right now is to be as healthy as possible until it’s not possible anymore. Wish me luck. The cocktails were delicious with a fiery Cajun kick and the decor and atmosphere is on point. They’ve got a cute little private dining room round the back and a vast selection of beers to choose from. I’ve only ever been to Farringdon on filthy nights out to Fabric but now I’ve discovered this little gem I’m sure I’ll be back pretty soon…  


Use these links to book at Ninth Ward AND get amazing deals on your food! 

50% off oysters:

Fried chicken and any portion of wings for a tenner:

Free sweet potato fries with any burger:


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