This week I got to do 2 very unusual things. I went on a tasting tour of London and to a Sake masterclass at Vinopolis. I won’t go into too much detail on either because that would give away all the fun but if you’re into history, drinking or learning then you should give them a go. Delicious London are the brains behind the Gin & Pie tour and I couldn’t praise them any higher. They refer to themselves as The Oracle Of Edible Entertaining & Experiential Events and I absolutely love everything they do. Their blog The Eateasy is a great foodie read too. They do such amazing things with food and if you’re ever planning an event with food as the main focus then you’d be stupid to do it without their help. This tour is the perfect team building activity for gin drinkers and they can create a bespoke tour tailored to you and your groups wishes. HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking to do something a bit different…


You may remember my visit to Vinopolis a few months ago. If you don’t then check it out. I had a lot of fun so was delighted to receive my invitation to the Sake Masterclass they hosted on Thursday. I’ve never had sake before, I’m always far too focused on the food at Japanese restaurants to bother getting drunk but I think I’ll order a bottle the next time I’m given the chance. The masterclass itself was a little too educational for me and I lost focus after about 10 minutes but I did enjoy the part where we got to taste the sake. I’ve been told Vinopolis will be closing their doors at the end of the year so if you haven’t been yet then book it in ASAP before it’s too late…


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