It’s my favourite time of year, Taste of London has popped up in Regents Park and the foodies have flocked to get their mitts on London’s  top grub. This is my 6th year in a row and its just never going to get boring. My list of restaurants that I need to visit has well and truly expanded after sampling some of the city’s most delectable dishes.


We kicked off our day with these little delights from Chai Wu and were EXTREMELY impressed. The Coconut Prawns with Special Rice actually ended up being my favourite dish of the whole day. The prawns were utterly mouth-watering and I’ll be sad forever if I don’t get to eat them again. The Chilli Salt and Pepper Squid with Adjud Sauce were also scrumptious – squid certainly isn’t my favourite thing but this squid was a winner.

Lima Floral blew my mind with their presentation and absolutely exquisite ceviche. We had the Andean Quinoa Ceviche with Yellow Aji Imulsion, Fresh Cheese and Avocado and the Seafood Ceviche with Traditional Tigers Milk and Canchita Corn. Both were absolutely sublime and ALMOST too pretty to eat.


Club Gascon took a risk with their Sweetbread Popcorn and Frosted Worcester (which is essentially deep fried intestines with worcester sauce flavoured ice cream) – it was an interesting combination. I couldn’t quite get my head around the texture but the flavour was good. I was filmed taking my first bite out of the Cherry Macaroon with Lavender and Lillet so hopefully you’ll see me on the official Taste video some time soon. The macaroon was slightly too aniseedy for me but my cousin and the camera men loved it.


Palomar was one of the places I’ve added to my list after sampling their Shakshukit. The dish was an absolute taste sensation; Deconstructed Kebab with Minced Beef and Lamb, Yoghurt, Tahini, Watercress Pesto, Tapenade, Harissa and a Mini Pitta. I loved everything about it, the food was really, really good and the branding was so on point – everything from the pink neon to the business cards and branded postcards were perfect. Mum (I know you’re reading this) this is one for us, I need that meal in front of me again soon and the menu looks right up your street.


Artusi‘s Suckling Pig with Mustard was sublime. I wasn’t too fond of the fatty bit but the crackling was delicious and I really enjoyed the pickled celery on the side. This was my cousin’s winning dish and her face was an absolute picture when she bit into it. Good Jews.


At Roka we tasted the Black Cod, Crab and Crayfish Dumplings, the Sushi Choux Bun with Chargrilled Freshwater Eel in Teriyaki Sauce and the Lamb Cutlets with Korean Spices. Neither eel or lamb are my favourite things but all three dishes were delicious – the dumplings were the winner for me and the girl who served us was delightful!

Ember Yard seem to have a strange understanding of what a salad is because their Warm ‘Salad’ of Confit Duck Leg with Faro, Beetroot and Salted Grape was 100% NOT a salad. It was however an experience. My favourite thing about it was the range of textures in every bite. The Asparagus, Pea and Goats Cheese Croquettes with Wild Garlic Pesto were everything I wanted them to be and so much more. I could have devoured about 5. I was gutted that Salt Yard didn’t have a stand this year and I didn’t get to have my obligatory Courgette Flower Stuffed with Goats Cheese and Drizzled with Honey but this was a pretty good substitute.

Theo Randall was a dream and so was his food. We got to sample the Penne Rigate with Slow Cooked Violet Aubergine, Fresh Plum Tomatoes, Basil and Parmigiano Reggiano and the Fresh Sicillian Peach Sorbet with Baked White Peaches, Vanilla and Moscato. I’d say they were both top 5 on my favourites list and I want them in my mouth again right now. The sorbet was definitely prettiest dish I saw all day too so big up yourself Theo, you babe.


We ended our feast with Shake Shacks Lil’ Shroom Burger – we did the same thing last year and will do it again next year. Although by this point in the day I was beyond full and could only manage a bite – gutted. My biggest regret of the day was not having the Malted Marshmallow Frozen Custard topped with Chocolate Covered Pretzels. I’m disappointed in myself so being so full but lucky for me there’s a Shake Shack up the road at Westfield. WHOOOP.


Taste is such a great experience for anyone that enjoys eating and when the weather is as good as it was on Friday you can literally have the most perfect day. Next year I’m going to do a double session and go twice in one day, 4 hours definitely isn’t long enough for me to taste everything. Until next year guys…

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