On Tuesday you may have seen that I started my day at Scarlet’s and ended it at Chick n Sours in celebration of Hannah Twists 22nd birthday. In between these two venues were 3 birthday treats that I can’t not tell you about. 

After brunch we headed to my all time favourite, Flesh n Buns for the only dessert worth having on your birthday – s’mores. The marshmallowy, chocolatey goodness and giant campfire flames were the perfect post brunch treat for my Twist.  


Our 2.30pm booking at Sky Gardens was slightly disappointing. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was let down and disappointed with what we got. The whole vibe of the Sky Pod was very touristy and the bar was like a museum restaurant. The cocktails on the other hand were amazing and did make up for the lack of atmosphere and the photo opportunities meant it wasn’t exactly a wasted journey. The view is amazing but if you want to see London looking beautiful then you’re better off doing it at the top of the Herron Tower at Duck & Waffle or Sushi Samba – at least then you’ll get the atmosphere to go with it.  


The Anthologist is one of my favourite City destinations and is the perfect ‘post work drinks’ venue if you want to be surrounded by city boys in suits. Which we did. The chips come in terracotta plant pots and covered in BBQ sauce and they made us off the menu cocktails in sandwich bags. The vibe is great the decor is perfection and the staff are very friendly. Highly recommended for both food and drinks and it’s worth going out your way for on a week day night out.  


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