Up until a year ago I lived in Stanmore, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and definitely has limited options when it comes to eating out. Obviously there’s Chuck round the corner and The Delisserie is a gooden from time to time but in terms of cool venues and good food it’s pretty non eventful. Until now that is. Of course I’m annoyed all the good stuffs happening now I don’t live there anymore (I’m not talking about all the stabbings) but it’s good to know that when I go home to visit the family I’ve got a pretty brilliant chicken restaurant to satisfy my needs. Pecking Order is everything you’d expect from a cool, new chicken restaurant and when you step inside you could easily be in East London or Soho (minus all the North west London Jews and Mum’s with their buggies) – the decor is on point, the menu is a dream and the food lived up to expectations. My chicken salad was everything I wanted to be and more and my Virgin Bloody Mary really hit the spot. The basket of chicken and chips was also extremely good and I’ll (one billion percent) be going back to sample the rest of the menu when I’m next home. I’m gutted I didn’t take more pictures at the time but believe me it looks REALLY good inside and it’s worth the trip if you’re from North London. Well done Pecking Order, you’ve put Stanmore on the map!  


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