Oxford Street feels like home to me. I spend the majority of my life here thanks to work and I’m always ecstatic when cool new bars and restaurants open just a stones throw away from my office. Last night I was invited down to check out Oxford Streets newest rooftop bar and was pretty impressed with what they have on offer. Roofnic (roof/picnic if you didn’t get it) is situated above the Marriot hotel by Marble Arch tube station and can be found by entering the secret door between Evans and Crest. They’ve got AstroTurf, fresh growing herbs, giant chalk boards, magnetic letters, delightful bar men, comfy seating and great cocktails. What more could you want? Oh, and theres a tiny little black pug called Midge who wears a red bow who seems to hang out there quite a bit. DREAM. We munched on some of the gooiest brownies, chewiest cookies and delicious cherry bakewell tarts I’ve ever consumed and washed it all down with a selection of gin and vodka based cocktails. The beef quesadillas were a dream and the sweet potato salad with spinach and blueberries (weird but works) was highly enjoyable after gorging on all the cakes. I was gutted I didn’t get to try their Manwich (which looked and smelt amazing) and the quinoa salad was weirdly moist but all in all it was a great night. If you try one thing though it has to be the pudding pot – it’s like eating happiness with a spoon. Check it out next time it’s sunny and you need to escape the hell that can be Oxford Circus.


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