When eating out is your hobby and restaurants are the place you feel the most content, choosing a place to celebrate your birthday can only mean one thing. The very best.

I’ve been planning where to go with my mum to start my birthday celebrations for a while now and after about 3 months deciding and about 5 different options we finally settled on Chotto Matte.

Chotto Matte combines the best of Peruvian and Japanese food and brings you something wonderful called Nikkei Cuisine. Executive chef Jordan Sclare and head chef Mike Paul are the Nikkei Boys and I was very lucky to get a peek inside their kitchen as a special birthday treat. 

With my mother being the (wonderful) woman that she is, we managed to wangle an hour long guided tour round the kitchen and had our menu specially selected by Jordan himself. This was lucky because for the first time in my life I hadn’t pre selected what I wanted to eat purely because the menu is so baffling! After discovering everything there is to know about the Chotto Matte concept, meeting half the staff and getting to see where the magic happens we sat down to devour 8 dishes of pure perfection.

The first dish to arrive was the Casava and Sweet Potato chips with Guacamole and Yellow Tomato Salsa – I had been eyeing these up in the kitchen so was delighted when they ended up in front of me. I was even more delighted when they were in my mouth. They were a dream.

 After the chips we were presented with the Nekkei Sashimi. The Yuzu Truffle Soy is incredible and the fish is soft and tasty and fresh and just generally SO delicious it was a very good start to an even better meal.

 This was then swiftly followed by the Warm Beef Tataki – a tender, delicious, plate of pure heaven that I devoured pretty much immediately.

 The Seabass Ceviche was sublime and had me practically scraping every last drop off the (ever so pretty) bowl.

 The Gambas Salvajes AKA prawn tempura was without a doubt the best I’ve ever tried. I’m not exactly sure what else was going on on that plate but it involved something called Butter Ponzu and it all worked really, really well.

 After the prawns we had the Pollo Den Miso; BBQ miso chicken with carrot, daikon and a yellow chilli salsa that practically exploded in my mouth (in a good way). I never really order chicken in a restaurant (unless it’s deep fried and slathered in buffalo sauce) but this has reinstalled my faith in the stuff and I highly recommend this dish to anyone who gets the chance to try it. It was up there with my favourites.

 For our last savoury dish we were delighted to receive the Tuna & Salmon Tiradito. Eating raw fish may not be for everyone but I’m pretty certain that any sushi hating morons would enjoy this with their eyes closed and minds open. It was divine.

 Dessert came in two parts (as it always should); Salted Caramel Pudding and Passion Fruit Brûlée with Guava Sorbet. Both were banging.

 I was gutted I didn’t get to try any sushi – that’s my only regret. I had my eye on the hand rolls but by the time I realised I was far too full to start ordering anymore. I guess that will have to be saved for the next trip. There will definitely be a next trip.

Thank you Mummy and thank you Chotto Matte (especially Jordan & Mike) for the birthday cocktails and desserts. It’s much appreciated and I’ll be seeing you again soon. Very soon.

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