When you get an invitation that mentions cow print sofas, #Selfie cocktails & Happy Meals it’s pretty much a given you’re going to have fun. Tonight I got to sample Foundation bars new menu and experienced some of the quirkiest cocktails I’ve ever come across.

I’ve been to Foundation a couple of times before, a long time ago on drunk nights out in central London. I’ve never really thought of it as somewhere to go for dinner but after this evenings absolute feast I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of fun, yummy food and hilarious cocktails.

We went for the Dirty Burger served in a Happy Meal box (which was surprisingly good and I’d definitely recommend) and the Foundation Platter which consisted of Voodoo Wings (amazing, sticky, sweet), Pepperoni & Chilli Pizza (cheesy, crispy, moorish), Chorizo Sausage Roll (flaky, tasty, better than Greggs), chilli popcorn (average but serves its purpose) and Chips & Dips. The food was good and we demolished pretty much all of it. Considering the place is mostly a bar/nightclub, the food excelled expectations and I’d be over the moon if I was served it on a drunken night out.

Highlights of the evening were the Downton Abbey cocktail served with a Babybel and crackers along with the personalised plastic cup with my name on it. Obviously the Polaroid selfie won me over, clipped to my creamy cocktail like all my dreams had come at once.

The atmosphere is buzzing and the decor is extremely enjoyable. They played some really good, clubby music (which at times made me want to put down my drink and get up to dance) and for around 7pm on a sunny Thursday evening, this dark, underground venue was packed. Overall I was very impressed and look forward to stumbling in there drunk when I’m out with my friends to order Happy Meals and #Selfie cocktails all round.

I think it would be a really fun alternative place for a date too, so if you can put up with the loud music and annoying drunk people then give it a go when you’re next trying to impress someone without being too fancy.

I’d like to have taken some better photographs but the light was somewhat reminiscent of an Amsterdam back alley so I apologise for the harsh flash and dodgy photography.


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