For some strange reason, I’d never been to Street Feast before today. I’ve made plans to go in the past but just never got round to going. Now I’ve been I’m kicking myself in the teeth for missing out on it so many times before.

Granted Lewisham is an absolute mission away but it did only take about 40 minutes to get there and it was well worth it once we’d trekked half way round the town centre and made it to Model Market. I was half expecting/hoping for a market full of sexy models but much to my dismay I was greeted by your average run of the mill middle class Londoners. That being said the music, vibe and venue itself is amazing. It’s gritty, rural and extremely Instagram worthy. Every surface, wall and seating area is a photo opportunity and it felt good to be surround by like minded food fanatics taking photographs of their dinner. The whole thing is a delight for your senses and it’s the most perfect place to spend the early evening, sipping cocktails and munching burgers in the sunshine.

        Obviously the main reason for my visit was to experience Rola Wala for the first time so that seemed like a good place to start. We sampled the trio of mini naan Rola sliders and they did not disappoint. Goan Pork Roast, Kashmiri Chicken and Keralan Dal are the toppings all served on a crispy (but soft), deliciously moorish mini naan. We washed it all down with a Mango, Turmeric & Lime Soda, made in house to accompany the food perfectly. Which it definitely did. The guys serving up the food are delightful and I recommend that anyone visiting Street Feast makes sure they do not give this place a miss. It’s a fresh, innovative and exciting street food concept and I’ve never tried anything like it before. There’s only so many burgers one person can eat in a life time so if you fancy a change and you love Indian food then this is one for you.


Talking of burgers, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try Mother Flipper as it’s another one that’s been on my list for fucking ages. The menu is exciting, I really wanted ‘The Dirty Barbie’ (purely because of the name) but couldn’t quite justify a double patty no matter how good it looked! I went for ‘The Double Candy Bacon Flipper’ that consists of bacon fried in maple syrup and American cheese. It was fucking amazing. I’m gonna say it’s up there with the best but you’re probably bored of me saying that by now. It was really fucking good though.


To break up the savoury food we had a dessert interval to cleanse the palette. Thanks to the South East Cakery Brownie Bar we got to stuff our gobs with an array of gooey brownie treats. Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Mojito & Honeycomb flavour to be precise. They were beyond delicious. Beyond

To end of feast we got the naughtiest thing we could find and devoured a portion of ‘Beef Poutine with Italian Fries’ from Cheeky Italian. This was as good as it looked and absolutely sent me over the edge. The meat is tender and soft and so unbelievably tasty whilst the chips are herby and delicious. The whole thing is topped with cheesy, creamy white sauce and there is just nothing quite like it in the world. Far too naughty to ever eat again but extremely good nonetheless.


The Meringue Girls also had a gorgeous little pop up that I couldn’t resist taking photos of. The menu is insane but I just couldn’t fit it in. Next time I’ll defineltley be having the ‘Rainbows, Unicorns & Fairy Floss’ and potentially the ‘Chock Banana & PB Heaven’ if they can do it without the banana.


All in all the experience was great. Let’s hope it was worth it because I have a wedding tomorrow and I’m probably not going to fit in my dress. Make sure you get yourselves down there and if you only try one thing then make it the Rola Wala sliders. Of everything I ate today, they made me the happiest.

There’s still time to enter my competition to win free food & drinks vouchers for you and a friend. Just tweet me a picture of your food (any food, any meal, from anywhere) @lucydelane and I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday 20th April.

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