So I finally got myself down to Pizza Pilgrims after managing to resist it for a very long time. I’ve kind of been meaning to go ever since it opened whilst also trying to avoid it at the same time. I always feel guilty after pizza because it never lives up to my expectations (Voodoo Rays & Pizza Union excluded) and just tend to enjoy a burger so much more. That being said, there’s so much hype around this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed restaurant that it was inevitable I was eventually going to end up there. 

Like in most places I couldn’t decide what to order so decided to go half an half. Our pizzas were inspired by 2 of my favourite Italian dishes; Aubergine Parmigana and Carbonara. I personally don’t think either lived up to their name sake but in terms of pizza they were pretty good. The carbonara pizza is a special but I think it’s a regular because of its popularity. Anything topped with a runny egg is going to do it for me and the white cheese base was a nice change. The dough is delicious but a little softer than I prefer. In my eyes a pizza base should be extremely crispy but that’s just not what Pizza Pilgrims are about. That being said the restaurant is always heaving and the people dining around me all seemed to be REALLY enjoying themselves so it’s definitely a huge success.

It’s good value for money and there’s a great selection of pizzas on the menu so if you’ve not tried it yet then put it on your list (after Voodoo Rays & Pizza Union) and get down there. 


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